Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Expertly designed by a British State Registered and Chartered Physiotherapist

The New Shape of Pelvic Floor Exercises


Pelvic Floor exercise solutions are outdated, but thanks to the new pelvic floor resistance trainer and massaging tool there is a new solution!

The pelvic floor resistance trainer & massage tool, My KORI is a natural solution that allows women to take control of various women’s health issues by improving the condition of their pelvic floor. By stimulating the internal walls of the vagina by performing Kegel exercises you can increase pelvic floor strength and stability to reduce symptoms of incontinence and virginal prolapsing. You can also use it to perform adapted “Thiele massage” techniques to reduce myofascial tension, scar tissue and adhesions.

Its unique shape takes into consideration the vaginal variations of the female population. The round handle provides a relaxed hand position for ease of movement and grip for the wrist and hand. The nodules increase sensory and proprioception feedback to enhance muscle contractions. And the quality and consistency of the silicone has encompassed the therapeutic properties for rehabilitation to the pelvic floor muscular and fascial systems. It may be used with or without the vibrating option depending on your own preference.

Pelvic floor conditioning is not only effective but necessary to maintain core stability and visceral function. A good pelvic floor routine may prevent pelvic floor dysfunction and make life changing improvements to women's health issues

I laughed so hard but I didn’t have tears running down my legs!

The simple science behind how it works


The unique shape of this pelvic floor apparatus and its nodules increases sensory input to keep the brain informed, and provide pressure to increase feedback to improve voluntary muscle control.

They provide an increased textured surface area to improve sensory date for the brain to decode and re-program and engage the pelvic floor.

The nodules on MyKORI stimulate the fascial and musculoskeletal systems of the pelvic floor, which in turn will naturally reduce tension, repair, and hydrate and oxygenate the pelvic tissue.

The Benefits of the Kegel Trainer

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    Decrease Pain

    Increases tissue oxygenation to internal structures which leads to decreased pain and increased pelvic stability

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    Reduce Scar Tissue

    Performs simple massage techniques to reduce symptoms of myofascial tension, scar tissue and adhesions

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    Increase Tissue Oxygenation

    Simple Massage techniques will increase tissue oxygenation and hydrate your internal structures to reduce tissue congestion

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    Improve Muscle Control

    Improves your sensory responses to help you engage more with your pelvic floor and improve your muscle control

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    Resistance Training

    Vibration resistance training option with both quick and slow contractions

Design Features

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    Unique Shape

    The shape takes into consideration the vaginal variation of the female body

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    Ball Shaped Handle

    The ball shaped handle provides a relaxed hand position for ease of movement and grip for the wrist and hand.

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    Bullet Vibration

    It may be used with or without the bullet vibration resistance training programmes

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    Sensory Feedback Nodules

    The nodules increase sensory and proprioception feedback to enhance muscle contractions, (Proprioception – the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body

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    Massage Option

    Massage option to oxygenate and hydrate internal structure

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    Medical Food Grade Silicon

    Made from medical-food grade silicone, the quality and consistency has encompassed features for optimum pelvic floor conditioning

Pelvic Floor Resistance Trainer and Massage Tool

Depending on your personal preference and symptoms you can use the apparatus to:


Increase Sensory Feedback

Increase sensory feedback while performing resistance exercises for more traditional muscle training.


Improve Muscle Contractions

Use localised electrical vibration option to improve muscle contractions, increase proprioception stimulation by selecting the bullets required training program


Remove Fascial Tension

Internal massage to comfortably breakdown layers of tension between muscle, connective tissue and fascial layers of the pelvic floor



Vaginal massage helps us to relax our intimate areas, regain our enjoyment for sex, increase our sexual satisfaction and have stronger orgasms

Benefits of a Conditioned PelvicFlloor
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    Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

    No more accidents and faster recovery from child birth

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    Increased Internal Sensitivity

    Re-connect to your women hood and sexuality

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    Improved Continence

    Reduced tension and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms

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    Healthier Pelvic Floor

    Healthier pelvic floor and pelvic stability to keep your pelvic organs in place

What are People Saying about MyKORI?

I hadn't realised how tight my pelvic floor was until I started massaging it

Now I don't think twice about getting on the trampoline and playing sport with my children

Pelvic floor muscle training and conditioning is very effective if performed right and maintained over time!