How to Ease Symptoms of Pain & Pelvic Floor Symptoms

Sandra Whittle, Anna Crowle and Louise Field discuss the benefits of scar tissue release surrounding the outside and within the pelvis to help ease symptoms of pain, and pelvic floor symptoms. Sandra is a Women’s Pelvic Floor Health Physiotherapist who has designed My KORI, a product to help women and men self massage to help alleviate symptoms. Anna Crowle is a Women’s Pelvic Floor Health Physiotherapist, specialising in using myofascial release to treat pelvic and gynaecological problems. She has research papers published and describes this area to be her life’s work. Louise Field is the founder of Adore Your Pelvic Floor offering the Adore Your Floor Programme to women in the community and CPD training to Fitness and Health Professionals. It has been a joy to be involved in this simple, frank, discussion about the benefits of self massage to help release facia tension.