MyKORI Usage Instructions

How to use MyKORI to help improve & exercise the pelvic floor

How to Make the Most of MyKORI




MyKORI is programmed for both holding squeezes (contractions) and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles. You need to be able to perform both types of contraction for stability and control of your pelvic floor muscles.

We recommend that you use My KORI to perform at least 90 pelvic squeezes (contractions) daily to maintain the condition of your pelvic floor and a minimum of 150 muscle squeezes (contractions), 3 to 5 times a week to condition and strengthen it!

Massage weekly!

Instructions for Use

1. If necessary use the toilet before beginning your exercise session.
2. Clean the pelvic floor apparatus.
3. Position the bullet and return the battery ready for when using the vibration option.
4. Apply a thin coating of water based lubricating gel on the vagina opening or apply a small amount of gel on the tip of the apparatus.
5. Lay down or in supported sitting in a comfortable position with your knee up and your back supported by a pillow for comfort.
6. Begin your pelvic floor contractions with or without vibration stimulation. Select the programme required by pressing the button on top of the bullet. For massaging you can also use the apparatus in side lying.
7. For pleasure just use your imagination.
8. Turn the bullet off if used by pressing and holding the button on top for a few seconds.
9. Clean the apparatus as per instructions.

What are People Saying about MyKORI?

I hadn't realised how tight my pelvic floor was until I started massaging it

Now I don't think twice about getting on the trampoline and playing sport with my children

Pelvic floor muscle training and conditioning is very effective if performed right and maintained over time!

Pelvic Floor Resistance Trainer and Massage Tool

Depending on your personal preference and symptoms you can use the apparatus to:

Increase Sensory Feedback

Increase sensory feedback while performing resistance exercises for more traditional muscle training.

Improve Muscle Contractions

Use localised electrical vibration option to improve muscle contractions, increase proprioception stimulation by selecting the bullets required training program

Remove Fascial Tension

Internal massage to comfortably breakdown layers of tension between muscle, connective tissue and fascial layers of the pelvic floor


Vaginal massage helps us to relax our intimate areas, regain our enjoyment for sex, increase our sexual satisfaction and have stronger orgasms

Using a Pelvic Floor Exerciser can help with Incontinence

MyKORI is expertly designed by a British State registered and Chartered Physiotherapist

Designed for Comfort

This pelvic floor apparatus increases pelvic floor sensory feedback and is designed to deal with various types of pelvic floor dysfunction: Incontinence, chronic pain, connective and other soft tissue thickenings, prolapses, and to reduce soften scar tissue and adhesions.
Safely get tighter, toned, and more elastic vagina muscles!

When women perform pelvic floor exercises, one size does NOT fit all. Kori’s womanly shape is fashioned for comfort, stimulation & performance. It is designed to be more intimate allowing for vaginal variations and to increase sensory feedback while exercising.
The ability to perform a correct pelvic floor muscle contraction is necessary to start pelvic floor muscle training. It is easy to cheat by engaging other muscles (abdominal, gluteal and the adductor muscle), or tilting your pelvis, holding your breath and straining are the most common errors in attempt to contract the pelvic floor muscles.

Make sure you read and PRACTICE the correct pelvic floor exercise techniques!

Pelvic Muscle Training
How to perform a good pelvic floor muscle contraction

There is an abundance of research evidence that highlights the successful results of pelvic floor training and it is widely used and recommended for women because of its success rate. But a high proportion of women find the exercise difficult to master. It is important to take your time to get the exercise right and you must give your exercise regime at least three months to appreciate the progress that can be achieved.
You should carry on doing the exercises, even when you notice them starting to work. Life has changed for us women over the years, we used to be more physically active, now we spend more time sitting and have more electric gadgets to make light of the housework. We have convenience food so there is no trek down to the allotment to get our fruit and vegetables, but all these changes have made our pelvic floor lazier and unless we take the time to exercises it is in an area of our body’s that unless we make the effort with it, it gets forgotten.

Electrical / Vibration Stimulation

Although there is a lack of consistent evidence for electrical stimulation for the rehabilitation of pelvic floor, there is evidence that electrical vibrations can help stimulate a muscle contraction and they make excellent sensory feedback for performing voluntary pelvic floor muscle contractions. This is ideal for those of us who find it difficult to engage our pelvic floor muscles for exercise. We believe our vibration settings are innovative and unique to the market.

From our first survey of MyKORI users all our ladies reported that when squeezing along to the vibrations, their pelvic floor muscles contraction they were more confident and they engaged and performed stronger muscle contractions.

My KORI provides increased sensory feedback for stronger pelvic floor contractions /squeezes. It is an excellent massage tool for both relaxation and pleasure